Must be one of those days. Think we are a bit lost on our blogging with a break in Donna’s Photo Challenge at the moment (waiting patiently for the next challenge).

It has also been a day where mum had a long day out of the house without me (something called work??? Think my mate Mawson having the same issue with his mum. Seriously ladies get priorities sorted). It used to happen a lot when I was a pup and before toddler was around. Mum used to go to a thing called an office. Yeah I got a walk in the morning and we would usually go to the dog park in the afternoon but it wasn’t the same as being able to hang around mum all day, pull paper out of the bin while she works and pop out to cafes at lunch. Mum also likes asking my opinion when she is trying to solve a hard problem. I think I help… If nothing else I give her an excuse to go outside throw a ball around and I think the fresh air helps solve the problem.

Actually it reminds me of a post we did a while back about how I help mum with work. The link to it is here.

Mum has also been playing with some Facebook A Look Back video which had some cute photos of me and the toddler when we were both a bit younger (my Facebook page not really that old to do A Look Back with but if you haven’t already go Like it as we often post stuff on there that is different to the blog). Will have to dig them up from our photo files and share. Maybe Wednesday can become Reminiscing Wednesday until Donna and Mrs P get the Photo Challenge up and running again.

Oh and a black and white sketch seemed appropriate with all this reminiscing.


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