Go Team Bodhi… The Battle of the Bed continues….

Thank-You Team Bodhi supporters. Your support across the blog and social media inspired me not to give up in the Battle of the Bed.

So what happened I hear you ask….

Dad came in.
I stood my ground. I stayed curled up and made no eye contact.
Dad’s rebuttal was to pick me up and carry me to the lounge… A good effort given I am 25kg…. But I was not impressed. Mum would have taken a photo of dad carrying me out and the look on my face but she was laughing too hard.

But that wasn’t the end of it… No… You inspired me not to give in. And I didn’t!

I waited a few minutes until I could hear dad snoring and then crept back in. Didn’t bother to go near dad’s side… I’m not silly… Just hopped up on the bed and snuggled into the side of mum.

And there I slept.

Mum got to shuffle dad over so we each got a third of the bed each… Or half for me and a quarter each for them.

And then it is that much easier for me to perform my alarm clock duties in the morning.


Keep up the support as we move to Night #4.



The Battle for the Bed….

We are heading into Night #3 and the battle has intensified.

Well personally I don’t see what the issue is. Humans sit on the lounge, take up all the space so I go and make myself comfy on their bed. Then mum comes to bed so I curl up on dad’s side. THEN dad comes to bed…. hmmm.

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Mum’s off to learn about One Mind Dogs

And I am sulking!



(I’m actually laying next to Dad on the lounge tonight and not next to Mum like I normally would…. Mum is going to the seminar in an audit spot not a working spot which means I don’t get to go… need to be more organised mum and get in early for a working spot!) Continue reading

Puppy Days

Toddler came across some ‘Baby Bodhi’ photos on the iPad.

Ahhh how cute am I!


There are times when some reminiscing is good.

Yeah I was a ratbag as a pup. Here is me with my older step brother….


Can you pick which one is me?

And I’m being a bit of a ratbag at the moment too. At home I’m pretty good (well apart from taking over the bed and barking at anything that moves). Nah my real ratbag-ness is at agility. Ok I am creating some havoc at start lines but I have also decided to start jumping up and nipping at mum if we stop for any reason mid course or if she doesn’t get treats out quickly enough at the end of the course. I’m hyped!!! It isn’t going down too well with mum and I am being walked off training courses for the behaviour.

I know she still loves me… Hence looking at all the cute puppy photos…





Yeah I was cute back then… Luckily I’m still cute.


Toddlers 1 – 1st WorldDog 0

Yep they won. Keeping up with The Toddler is tiring but add Toddler friends and it’s exhausting.

1. Toddlers don’t move as an organised pack. Ok I’m not a herding dog. The gundog parts of me says chase balls and stuff rather than herd yet I like to keep an eye on the Toddlers (I’m protective like that) so I always like to be near them. The issue is that they tend to spread out across all the rooms in the house or across the backyard. Stick together toddlers.

2. Food is always an option. Toddlers tend to eat lots of little meals. Always need to be on alert for food opportunities.

3. They have LOTS of energy! Seriously… I thought I had lots of energy but The Toddler just keeps going. It is like she has a battery that doesn’t run out.

So that’s it folks. I’m snoozing.

Does it get easier as they get a bit older?


Luvin a beach holiday – Baywinds Jervis Bay

So if you follow me on Twitter (@1stworlddogB) or Facebook than I’ve probably been making you pretty jealous with my holiday snaps this week.

Mum took the opportunity of a quieter week with work and we headed down the coast with some friends for a few days.

Thought it was all looking pretty good for the car trip when we set off…


Except that toddler decided I should be cup holder…


But once we got there it was all good…


The place we stayed, Baywinds, we have been to before so mum knew what to pack for me. Obviously it was a dog friendly place (just need an ok from Willa the owner prior but we have never had an issue) but like most places they ask us pets are not to be on the lounges or beds. So if you have seen any of my photos from home than I am usually found on either the lounge or bed. Mum has found a solution to this when we go away…. The toddlers foam lounge. Easy to pack (in fact I was laying on it in the car) and I find it a suitable alternative…. Hope toddler doesn’t want it back.

For anyone who doesn’t have a toddler they can steal from than these things are usually found at a KMart or BigW kinda shop.

The only downside of this place is that there is no grass area for me. Positive is that mum didn’t bring away the agility jumps like last time. To be honest it really doesn’t matter as the beach is right across the road and the road is a very quiet dead end street (helpful as I have decided to ignore the word heel). A dog friendly beach. Officially off leash before 8am and after 4pm but we were the only people on the beach most of the time (so we bent the timeframes a bit… Sups this might be a bit stricter in busier periods). So during ‘family time’ down there I helped with sand castles (well dug holes) and played lifeguard (have developed this habit of not liking mum, toddler or any human in my pack to go out in the water further than my feet can touch the bottom. While completely capable of swimming it is tiring continually swimming out to check on them, as I do, so instead I stand paw deep and back at them to come back in to safety).


Outside of ‘family time’ at the beach I also enjoyed morning walks around the bay… Lots of rabbits to chase…

And sunset walks along the beach with mum once toddler was in bed…


After all this playing down the beach a highlight of the house we were staying was the outdoor shower WITH hot water… Ohhhhh yeah. Now that is the way to get sand out of the fur….


And then time for a snooze on the deck…


So good call mum… Luvin a little beach holiday. With summer officially over here in Sydney enjoying these beach days while the weather is still warm… Don’t think I would make much of a snow dog.

Hope you have enjoyed my holiday snaps.

Bodhi Oooo

Why us dogs are awesome… Yet another reason…. We create communities

Like you need another reason on why us dogs are awesome… But going to share my thoughts anyway.

See mum is off traveling this week for work. Interestingly part of the research she is doing is understanding people’s perception of what ‘community’ means. In our busy lives we often struggle to spend as much time as we would like with those around us. With others that we relate to and give us a sense of belonging.

A cool thing about having a dog is that most people get out and about with their dog. It might be to puppy pre-school, a walk around the block, local off leash dog park or maybe even join a dog training club like we have. The thing is when you are out and about you tend to see other people. And when you have a dog with you it is an introductory talking point… A way to break the ice.

You humans are like us dogs in you like to have a pack, you like to know other people are around. It’s even better when we can do that together too…. You meet people and I meet dogs. And you see people regularly and have conversations… dogs are a great icebreaker.

So see another reason we dogs are awesome.

This post is special as mum is off travelling but she is really really appreciating our community. While she is away our neighbours have been looking after me during the day when dad is at work and toddler at kindy. They have been bringing my mates over to play, doing some great ball throwing and sending mum pics so she doesn’t miss me too much. How cool is it when you live in a community like that. Thanks friends. Big paws up Oooo

Here is some of the pics…. It’s great having mates.