My Agility Story

You see I came into mum’s world as a family pet. Mum loved running and her personal trainer at the time had a Spanador like me from an earlier litter. Mum met my half-brother Toby and even went on some running trips with Toby and his mum. Mum decided that the mix of a Labrador and Cocker Spaniel that liked to run but equally was a happy family pet would be a great addition to the family (toddler wasn’t born at this stage). Mum didn’t really know anything about agility so I definitely wasn’t planned as an agility dog. Instead we came across agility through friends at the dog club where we were doing some basic obedience.


So this “My Agility Story” page is a collection of posts about just that… My Agility Story. These days we do quite a bit of agility. We train a couple of times a week and go to trials (competitions). We do it because it is fun. I love getting out there and running the courses. Mum enjoys the exercise, the thinking and the friends we have been lucky enough to meet. And the best bit is that mum and I get to hang out together. I hope you enjoy reading our stories and maybe… just maybe it might inspire you to give it a try….





7 June 2014 – CNCC Newcastle – You gotta know when to hold ’em

24 May 2014 – Manly Fundraiser – Now let’s go back to the start – Start line stays that is

10 May 2014 – Hawkesbury Ag Show –  Happy Mother’s Day – I did the tough stuff

7-8 April 2014 – The Sydney Royal – I went, I had fun, I tried… I pooed. 

30 March 2014 – Springwood – It doesn’t have to be perfect to be great

24 March 2014 – Cessnock – The Cessnock Wrap Up – Stepping Up

2 March 2014 – Manly Fundraiser – Mum was a bit excited

3 Feb 2014 – Dogs NSW Fundraiser – We had SO much fun

6 Dec 2013 – Dogs NSW Fundraiser – The reverse Gremlin

26 Oct 2013 – Is there an agility version of a full house?

7 Sept 2013 – Festival of Agility – Bought it home / Just One Bar

4 Aug 2013 – NSDTC – I did the tough stuff really well

6 Jul 2013 – Manly – Big day out at the agility trial

May 2013 – Hawkesbury Ag Show – 1st Agility Trial



8 March 2014 – Training – Training vs Trialling 

8 Feb 2014 – A lesson in perseverance

1 Feb 2014 – It works great in training… Start line stays

25 Jan 2014 – Some more funky moves

18 Jan 2014 – Having lots of fun at agility training

2 Jan 2014 – Rockin the Double Lap

31 August – 1st World Dog in action – well Saturday morning training

5 Dec 2013 – I’m not that old but it is fun learning new stuff (OMD)



Getting Into Agility

bohdi with Melinda duker_8834


Thanks to Le Hammer at Canine Fun Sports for the photos.

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