1st World Dog Recipe Book

A bit like my Dog Training Tips 1st World Dog style, we are not professionals in the world of dog nutrition. These are just some fun doggie recipes that we have come across, wanted to collect and thought you might like to check them out too. We try to keep them for Foodie Fridays, gives you owners a chance to check them out and then test them out over the weekend.

I like food, I am part Labrador, but these are some of my particular favourites.

Cold Stuff

Banana & Blueberry Freezie

Banana & Blueberry Freezie (1)

Banana & Peanut Butter Bickkies

Banana & Peanut Butter Bickkies (3)

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (3)

Breakfast Muesli


Chicken Soup Ice-block

Chicken Soup Iceblock (1)

Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Puppy Ice-cream

Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Icecream (3)

Puppy Ice-blocks

Puppy Iceblock (2)

Training Treats & Bickies

ANZAC Biscuits (Puppy Style)

photo 2

Banana & Blueberry Bickies

Banana & Blueberry Bickies (3)

Chicken & Turmeric Slice

Chicken & Tumeric Slice (2)

Easter Special Slice


Liver Fudge

Liver Fudge (3)



Puppy Mint Balls

Puppy Mint Balls (2)

Puppy Treats

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (3)

Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf

Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf (2)

Sardine Balls

Sardine Balls (2)

Sausage Rice & Carrot Slice

Sausage, Rice and Carrot Slice

Steak Bones

Steak Bone (1)

Tuna, Rice & Veggie Slice

Tuna, Rice & Vegie Slice (1)



Foodie Friday A to Z of Dog Treats


A is for Apple


B is for Blueberry


 C is for Carrot


18 thoughts on “1st World Dog Recipe Book

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    • Oh please don’t feel guilty… Remember I’m part lab so I do the best guilt trip eyes on mum… She has no choice.
      We have started today with an A to Z of Dog Treats today and most of them are going to super easy things. Today is A for Apple. Doesn’t get much easier.
      The best thing about treats is actually spending time with mum doing little tricks to get the treats. It is the bonding with mum that I love just as much as the treats… So don’t forget even if it is just practicing a ‘sit’ or a ‘look’ make sure us dogs do something for the treat.
      Happy treat making!

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