Foodie Friday – A to Z of Dog Treats… C is for Carrot

Carrot is one of mum’s ultimate easy training treats. While she really does love baking up treats for me there are times when she just runs out of time…. And out come the carrots.

The super easy version simply involves mum slicing up the carrot/s into 1-2cm piece and then cutting those slices into quarter. To make them easy for me to chew (important to be able to eat them down quick when we are out training) she then pops them in a cup with some water (just enough to cover all the carrots) for 1-2 minutes. Pull them out, strain them and cool them down. How super easy is that?!?!?!

We have also used carrots in a heap of Foodie Friday Recipes and some of our favourites are Tuna, Rice & Veggie Slice  and Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf.



So why add carrots I hear you ask???

Well just like for you humans carrots have lots of awesome benefits and here are just a couple of them:

Weight Loss: Carrots are low calorie so you can help your dog feel full while taking in fewer calories, therefore losing weight.

Oral Health: The texture of the carrots are great for cleaning and strengthening teeth.

Night Vision: Yep just like you guys… the Vitamin A in carrots is great for good night vision… just don’t overfeed that Vitamin A.

Healthy Coat: I’m not vain but I do like to see my coat in tip top shiny condition and the vitamins in carrots are great for that.

If you are interested in a bit more info here is an extra link.


So there you go… some reasons and super easy ways to incorporate C is for Carrot into your doggie diet.



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