You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em…

Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

Yep you know the song…. Your humming it now….

The Gambler. Kenny Rogers.

Gamblers… Our fav agility game.

Race around and get as many points as you can (mum plans a course but it doesn’t matter if I actually follow it) and then the buzzer goes and we hit the gamble. The first time we did Gamblers we rocked it and picked up 3rd place. The couple of times since I have hehehe… dropped a bar in the gamble. Well yesterday we rocked it. Loads of points (well except the contact on both ends of the dog walk… That may need a bit more work) and then nicely positioned and straight home for the gamble. Came 6th in all height categories and even judge commented what an awesome run it was when hanging us the Q card. If you want to see the run it is here.

So that was at the end of the day and made mum leave with a big smile… How could you not after a big Bodhi lick.

So what happened the rest of the day I hear you ask…

RQH was wonderfully timed to be our 1st run of the day and a great chance to blow off some steam. If I don’t mind saying so myself… I rocked it. Got my weaves, contacts and importantly all bars stayed up. Here is the run if you want to check it out. It was just a little miscommunication, independent thinking that had me turn right and mum turn left that was the difference between a clean run and a DQ. Regardless mum was super happy as we got the weaves (despite her getting in the way), all the contacts and excitedly all the bars stayed up.

And then came JDX. In Bodhi style I did the hard stuff really well. There were a couple of discriminations that a lot of other dogs suffered tunnel suck with but thankfully not me. To ensure I didn’t do a later off course mum called my name and hence I looked and bought a bar down. Then did a silly DQ because mum didn’t support the 180 turn enough… Again she had seen a lot of tunnel suck do was trying to avoid…. Seriously mum… Get your act together.

Then there was Novice Agility. Well according to mum it was a nice course to walk… And then mum ran it with me. So much fun!… Well I had fun. Let’s just say it was nothing like my RQH run in the same ring earlier in the day. If you want to check out my fun… Here it is.

Lots of friends had awesome runs, there was cake & champagne birthday celebrations (well for the humans anyway… Humpf!) and generally a great day out. A few trials coming up of the following weeks so watch this space for more fun.




And thanks Niki for her fantastic Animal Action Photography.

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