Dog Blog & Marketing Stuff

This is the page where mum gets have some input. Mum has a background in marketing. Part of the reason for us starting 1st World Dog was so mum could learn a bit more about the world of blogging and to stay up to date in the world of marketing.

So most Mondays are her chance to bring a bit of her knowledge to 1st World Dog in regards to how her marketing knowledge and the world of blogging come together.

We are also loving getting to know the blogging community and especially the other dog blogs out there. So if we come across another dog blog that we enjoy we are also featuring as part of our Monday post.

While this all sounds a bit serious, don’t worry this is my blog and it will all be in the fun of 1st World Dog.

All about the drama (the intro)

What’s my blog voice? – Personality

Funky Funnel – Awareness, Trial & Loyalty

Do you want to stop by? – Comprehension and Branding

Marketing comes to the dog world – One Mind Dogs

Who is the audience? – B&T Article by Jess Goodby

Am I a journalist or a media channel? – Blogs and payments

Why are you blogging?

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