The Battle for the Bed….

We are heading into Night #3 and the battle has intensified.

Well personally I don’t see what the issue is. Humans sit on the lounge, take up all the space so I go and make myself comfy on their bed. Then mum comes to bed so I curl up on dad’s side. THEN dad comes to bed…. hmmm.

Once upon a time as soon as dad walked in I would hop up and head back out to the now vacated lounge. BUT… it is winter. I have put quality time into warming up my little spot on the bed and making myself comfy. Nope I have no intention of moving. No longer am I just giving in and going out to the lounge.

Night #1 I think they both thought it was all very cute. Me curled up on the end of the bed. Although I will admit I take up a bit of space it seemed to be all good. It was also the night after a trial and I got a quallie so mum was especially happy with me.

So let’s move onto Night #2. Now dad has decided that while Night #1 was cute and all he didn’t really get a great night sleep and hence I shouldn’t be allowed to sleep all night on the bed. Situation normal in that I have made myself comfy. Dad comes in and tries to shuffle me off and I hold my ground… just physically act like a lump and don’t move. Eventually roll over a bit to let dad onto some of his side of the bed. Dad gives up moving me further and hence I stay and have another awesome night of sleep.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 8.04.59 pm

Situation looks a lot like this great Off The Leash cartoon. 

So we are now up to Night #3. Mum is laughing that I am currently 2-nil up. Dad is complaining about not having a decent night’s sleep over the last 2 night. Mum is refusing to be any help and tells dad he has to move me. I am prepared. I have taken up my position early… even before the toddler was in bed.



Let the battle for the bed begin…. 

I would write more but I have to take up my dead weight position and pretend I am in a deep sleep and can’t possibly be moved.

Night all… sleep tight (hehehe)




9 thoughts on “The Battle for the Bed….

  1. My studies show that dogs grow three times their normal size when laying in human beds. Eko would love to take over my bed but I bought him a nice dog bed of his own so we can both sleep comfortably.

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