Foodie Friday – Puppy Iceblock

We seemed to have skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer here in Sydney today. Bit warm for 1st World Dog as still getting rid of the winter coat (well the little bit of coat that I have… according to mum I just shed fur all year round…so???). Anyway the warmer temps mean more puppy iceblocks. I fav of mine which I thought I would share. Does require human assistance so better share this one with your helpful human.

Firstly you need some type of plastic container. No exact size required. It just depends on the size of the Puppy Iceblock you wish to make. Mum regularly buys Maggie Beers Ice-cream as she says that is a really good size for Puppy Iceblocks… hmmmm. Not so sure of that rationale but if it is a win-win than I will go with it.

Once mum has finished eating the ice-cream (she definitely has her own plans going on her) the empty (it gets washed out of any leftover icecream…. like there is any mum!) container gets filled with a little bit of water and put into the freezer. Let it freeze.

Then get it out and add yummy stuff. Yummy stuff can be anything you like. Mum normally puts cheese, left over chicken or sausages. You can put kibble in there but not very exciting (remember you got ice-cream so fairs fair). Add more water and put back in the freezer.

Puppy Iceblock (3)

The reason we put a bit of water in, let it freeze and then add the yummy stuff and more water is so the yummy stuff sits in the middle of the Puppy Ice-block.

Puppy Iceblock (1)

When  it is frozen simply pull it out of the freezer. Run the container under some water so the ice-block comes loose from container and pop it out to enjoy. Yum (and also helps me stay hydrated in the hot weather and keeps me out of the way for a couple of minutes when family is having a BBQ).

Puppy Iceblock (2)

9 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Puppy Iceblock

  1. that is the most complicated (by that I mean more steps than normal and not that it is hard to do) ice block recipe I’ve seen! How long does it take you to finish it? Or does it mostly melt into the earth? 😛

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