Training Tip Tuesday – Jumping Foundations Take-Off Side of Jump

So after a break last week from Training Tip Tuesday because, oh did I mention… It was my birthday, we are back.

Mum is still has me working hard on my jumping foundations. Think she is feeling a bit inspired after all the bars stayed up in the RQH Jumping run last Saturday night. We also had a moment yesterday morning when we were doing some jumping grids in the front yard and mum thinks I actually thought about how I was going to jump… I thought mum was going to cry with excitement. Silly mum.

So continuing on from our last post about jumping foundations. Last time mum was standing on the landing side. These exercises she moves to also be on the take-off side.

So how do these work. Same as the landing side exercises us dogs sit facing the jump. Sit us out about the same distance from the bar as what the bar is high. Stand in line or just in front of us (depends how high the bar is) and indicate to break and jump. A little movement forward might be required initially. Once we have committed to the jump turn. There are 2 ways to turn:

* Same side handling: turn the same direction as your dog so you both do a 180. Reward is from the outside hand.

* Front cross: as dog commits you turn into the jump 180 and reward is from the inside hand.

Like the other jumping exercises the idea is bum strength. So this means using rear legs to launch over the bar and again to come around (so finishing straight not swinging bum out).

Like the other jumping foundation exercises these are hard work so just do a couple at a time and make sure there is lots of play and reward.

This link has another excerpt from Linda Mecklenberg with this exercise in the Step 5 section.

Not a super demo video that we found (we really need to get the video out don’t we… it only seems to come out when we are doing bigger training sessions or at trials) but it does give the general idea and love that it is a corgi (can’t say we have ever seen one doing agility) and they are training in the living room (we did do that 1 horrendously rainy week when I was driving mum nuts).

Another Tuesday Training that is a bit more of our serious agility Training Tips 1st World Dog Style (as well as sharing with you guys we use the blog as a way to collect all the things that we learn) but hopefully you find them still fun and also good mental stimulation. There are plenty of other fun things to try over on the Training Tips page so be sure to check them out and if you take videos or photos of you doing any of them be sure to send them over.

If you like catching up on 1st World Dog Training Tips, Recipes or just the fun stories than don’t miss any of our posts… just Follow me over on the side bar. I’m also on Facebook,Instagram and now Twitter (@1stworlddogB) so be sure to swing by and see what we are up to.

Have fun Oooo


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