Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 10 – My Pretty Ribbon

We were pretty excited when we saw this week’s photo challenge come through from We Live In A Flat. We love the idea of colour splashes to make key elements of a photo stand out and create an interesting composition.

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Toddlers 1 – 1st WorldDog 0

Yep they won. Keeping up with The Toddler is tiring but add Toddler friends and it’s exhausting.

1. Toddlers don’t move as an organised pack. Ok I’m not a herding dog. The gundog parts of me says chase balls and stuff rather than herd yet I like to keep an eye on the Toddlers (I’m protective like that) so I always like to be near them. The issue is that they tend to spread out across all the rooms in the house or across the backyard. Stick together toddlers.

2. Food is always an option. Toddlers tend to eat lots of little meals. Always need to be on alert for food opportunities.

3. They have LOTS of energy! Seriously… I thought I had lots of energy but The Toddler just keeps going. It is like she has a battery that doesn’t run out.

So that’s it folks. I’m snoozing.

Does it get easier as they get a bit older?