I’m home… Now where to first.

Lounge or fridge? Even better… Mum can you get my treats from the fridge and feed them to me one at a time while I lay on the lounge?

Yep I’m home. While the lovely folks at SASH were awesome I am happy to be back on my lounge. Dad came and got me late this afternoon as mum had work commitments. She is now home and I am being spoiled.

Lots of pats while I lay on the lounge…


And as soon as there is any movement towards the fridge I am there…

Just checking no one has been eating my treats while I was away. Besides I am supposed to be eating little meals of soft food for the next week…. That to me sounds like mum’s homemade treats. And I do spot some liver there that I assume was to become liver fudge… Yummy!

Thank you all for your get well messages. Feel very lucky to have so many friends out there that care. For those that we train with I have been told to take it easy for a fortnight or so (short lead walks only… No running or jumping… But have to check if limbo is ok?) and for those that we see at trials we will see you at the bushfire fundraiser… That’s a lot of bars I can knock over in 3 jumping runs in 1 night. In the meantime I’m hanging out for Hawks to come home after his op too… Maybe we can hang out in our crates next to each other just like at hospital.

Now time for a snooze on the lounge. Take care everyone and remind those owners of lots of pats everyday to check for those nasty little ticks.


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