Photo Challenge Week 10 – The Shilloutte


Although last weeks photo challenge choice about the simple things and family seem appropriate this week (wow what a couple of days!) we thought we would stick with a photo we took at the agility trial on Saturday. The photo itself was a pretty standard photo but at the time mum was thinking how good would that look as a silhouette. With some fiddling, mainly with the adjust / brightness using the Photo Editor app, we created a normal shot into a silhouette.

For reference here is the original…

131030 Silhouette - Pre

I think I look quite handsome in silhouette (just need to get that bit of tree sticking out of the back of my head touched out mum… do you think you can figure out how to do that?).

Thanks Donna for facilitating our weekly photo challenge.


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Week 10 – The Shilloutte

  1. Came here via WeLiveinaFlat photo entry. Love this photo. Beautiful silloutte. Great that you show before and after photo with edits.

    And on your question, tree can quickly be removed in Photoshop using clone stamp. It “stamps” pixels from whatever area you select (like sky in this case), and then places those photo pixels over the unwanted ones. Very quick and easy!

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