Nasty tick… I’m on the improve update

Today would normally be Training Tip Tuesday but given I am hanging out in a crate at SASH it doesn’t really feel like a training kinda day. At least they are putting me next to my mate Hawks. It is kinda fluky that we are here at the same time. His visit was planned with an op on his leg. We were even having a play on Sunday afternoon just before he had his dinner and headed down here. The staff here think it is cute that we are friends and are happy to keep us close as they can tell we recognise each other.


The update this morning is that after showing no symptoms for most of yesterday my gag reflex did falter yesterday afternoon. This is an early symptom so it was lucky that mum and the guys here at SASH had decided to keep me under observation for the full 24hrs (it can take up to 24hrs for symptoms to show). Once they spotted this I was given the tick serum and that seems to be working. I have been on IV since the whole gag reflex thing but am showing signs of improvement and they are hoping I will be able to have some water later today. After that I get to have some food… yeah!!!


If I keep making good progress than maybe home this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Looking forward to seeing my family.

Big paws up for all the lovely well wishes. I know they are helping mum as she is missing me. Also looking forward to getting all the pats, ear scratches and belly rubs that everyone has been promising once I am home and then after some rest back to all our usual activities.






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