My big day at the agility trial

Big day for 1st World Dog today. Had my 2nd ever Agility Trial. It was close to home so a really fun day with lots of my mates there and dad bought the toddler down to visit too.

So I did 5 runs during the day. The 1st was Strat Pairs and was LOTS of fun. The friend I was supposed to run with wasn’t able to do it because her mum broke her ankle during the week training with my friend (ouch). My other mate Darcy and his mum stepped in and boy did we have fun. Everyone was a bit worried we were just going to run around crazy playing like we normally do before and after training but we showed them. Not only did we not play… We got a qualie! Go us!!!

I also got a qualie in Novice Jumping. My 1st qualie in that so pretty happy. Dad and the toddler were there to see that and thought it was pretty cool.

While I didn’t get qualies in the other runs I think mum was pretty happy with what we did. I only went under one jump which was more mum not telling me where to go soon enough. We also did some great teamwork in Open Agility with mum having to tell me to go into a tunnel while she stood on the other side of a line… The 1st time we tried Open mum had to step over the line so she was pretty stoked at our efforts.


A really fun day. Got to do lots of great runs and also got to celebrate my mate Roy’s birthday yesterday… Although not sure what the mums were thinking with the party hats???


And then got to have an awesome run around with my friends, although sorry Shellbe for taking your ball all the time.

Now time for a big nap. Zzzzz

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