Somedays we need to agree on what we are planning to do.

Today started like any normal day. Do a check about 5.30am to see if mum is awake… I think she might have been but heard my paws on the floor boards and was pretending. So went back to lounge. 6.00am. Dad’s alarm goes off. Now fair game! Step on mum until she gets out of bed.

But this morning mum had a plan. We are doing this Endurance Trial next month. Involves me running 20km and because mum doesn’t think she can run that far with me she is going to ride her bike beside me. Fair enough. We have done a bit of practice and I have gotten used to the bike and all the strange noises it makes. So mum gets all her gear on and heads to the garage and gets out the bike. Problem is…. I didn’t feel like running beside the bike this morning.

Nope. This morning was a day to sniff. Yep. Try out for Border Security kinda morning. Sniff trees, sniff posts, sniff poles. Lift my leg on each of the above as required. Sniff grass. Randomly stop and bark at odd things like a hose reel someone had left in the middle of the front ward. Randomly stop and bark at little tree trunk… I thought it looked like a rabbit or something.

So you get the picture. Mum on bike thinking we are going to be moving at a fairly steady pace. Me thinking it is a day to check out my surroundings – I know I see and sniff most of this everyday but we hadn’t been this way in a couple of days. So mum we need to discuss and agree on your plans before we head off in the morning….

And while you are at it…. I think you need to move the lounge. I think it would be better placed so I can snooze in the sun.

A spot in the sun please






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