Aquarius dog looking for strat pairs mate

Hi I’m Bodhi. I’m an Aquarius. I’m a super friendly 1st World Dog who often sees myself more human than dog.
I love playing in water (so the last fortnight in Sydney has created lots of wonderful puddles) and I love to investigate (often joked I am on the tryout for border security role with my nose on the ground). Having said that I’m loyal and sometimes do what mum says in a trial (be that Rally or Agility).
Due to handler error from our strat pairs partner, mum and I are looking for a dog and handler who want to run 500 Strat Pairs Novice in the Manly trial this Sat. If you would like to be my pair for the day please let me know.
Bods 0ooo

For more details on my star sign…

This will only be my 2nd agility trial and 1st go at Strat Pairs too so while I did get an agility qualie out at Hawkesbury I am pretty new to this gig. Just mentioning in case you are super serious type.

Photo thanks to Le Hammer training with CFS at St Ives.

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