It was a big weekend


Another 4 runs at the Festival of Agility….

Strat Pairs… We had lots of fun…. I ran a bit and dropped a bar, Darcy had to jump over and go through that bar then got distracted, I then had to do a couple of his jumps while his mum got him to run up to the tyre, he did a bit more, I did a bit more (dropped the odd bar that Darcy had to run over and run through) and we had lots of fun. So much fun that we ran overtime… But great fun. Mum laughs lots when we do Strat Pairs.

After a Long… Long break…. We got to run Novice Jumping. Great run, including mum throwing in a blind cross , except 2 bars I happen to kinda knock off with my back feet. Hard to known as ‘1 Bar Bodhi’ when I drop 2 bars.

Open Agility… Hmmm…. Yeah… That good that I played limbo, mum got lost on the course… Yeah it was fun.

And lastly Novice Snooker. First time at Snooker. Think mum liked the idea of snooker… Red then coloured three times and then the closing sequence of all the colours. Then she saw the course. Walked the course thinking she could jump a red multiple times and then a friend told her she could only jump a red once… D’oh that threw her plan. Quick change of plans. New course plan… And off we went… Red jump, broad jump… Mum heads to another red jump… I head to tunnel… Turns out that is an issue. Oppps. Nice judge let us do the rest… Had fun… Didn’t drop any bars (mum seemed excited by this… Not that there are many bars in Snooker).

And that was a wrap for our 1st Festival of Agility. Lots of fun. Now zzzzzz

3 thoughts on “It was a big weekend

    • Thanks Ruby. We went this year in Rally and got our Rally Novice Title there. It was our 1st ever title so we figured we would give it a shot… Only get your 1st title once so was a pretty cool place to get it.
      Might get mum to enter us in Agility next year.

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