Finished causing chaos… Time for a nap

Phew… What a morning….

Besides the usual walk and kindy drop off it was a full on morning for 1st World Dog…

Mum has gone a bit nutty with the idea of spring cleaning. This morning it meant being removed from my normal morning napping spot as some guy came to steam clean the lounge. So while I missed my morning nap I do give him credit that he was pretty good at throwing the ball. Each time he turned off the noisy machine to bring a cushion out to the sun he picked up the ball and threw it out to the yard for me… Good work. And looking forward to enjoying my clean lounge once it dries.

To keep me off the lounge mum and neighbour took me out to lunch. Lovely spot at Cafe Fredz sitting outside and getting lots of pats. Protected guy on the next table from a magpie (almost bought down our table) but didn’t overly impress the Anna Wintour looking lady sitting behind us (no pats from her).

Home and a quick stop in at neighbour’s place (something about new lawn… I just needed to relieve myself), scared off a lizard (although too close to the cliff for mum’s liking… really mum do you think I would chase it over the edge?) and then finished off with a quick dip in neighbour’s new fish pond (there seemed to be a bit of confusion when I got out about where the water spout was with mum’s hand in the water trying to find it).

So with all that… It is now time for a nap (on the bed as still waiting on lounge to dry)


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