Not all balls are created equally

While this may be my 1st blog about balls it will probably not be my last. You see they are a bit of an obsession. Along with food and pats these are in my Top 3 likes. But what I want to focus on in this blog is the different ball options out there…. You see not all balls are created equally….

Firstly let’s evaluate the tennis ball. Usually easily accessible. Dad goes and has a hit of tennis once a week with friends – missed opportunity for ball dog but that is for another post – so there are normally used tennis balls in his tennis bag. Once said tennis bag is sniffed out and barked at until someone opens the bag (paws not good with zippers unfortunately) there is usually quite a few that are a good size for throw and fetch and they have reasonable bounce. Issues lie that they can be a bit light and bad throw from mum can send tennis ball over back fence (we back onto a cliff so problematic to get ball back) or through the gaps in the back fence (same problem).

Mum’s solution to back fence issues has been larger balls. These can take the form of soccer or footballs and she even bought this over-sized tennis ball. Most of these are laying around the backyard. I don’t rate them. Too big too carry!

Now we get to the funky balls. To start with these are normally made of plastic. This is bounce. Love the bounce. This also gives chew. Love the chew. Normally lots of colours… Mum likes this -especially if it makes easier to find… She complains about green tennis balls being difficult to find in the grass… USE YOUR NOSE MUM! So lots going for the funky plastic balls. Only downside is popularity. Every dog wants one so a) difficult to steal and b) need to guard mine carefully. This also goes for kids guarding their plastic bouncy balls too (M & H next door…. Finders Keepers Boys… If I sniff the bouncy ball from the garden it’s mine!)

So to all the owners out there… Not all balls are the same. Think carefully before you throw a ball.

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