Competition in the neighbourhood

Our lovely neighbourhood of dogs has been joined by a new addition. A cute (but slightly annoying at this stage) pup called Poppy who has joined the family next door. She is going to need some training as to how we behave. At this stage all she wants to do is bounce around and play. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this except play also involves biting my tail…. hmmmm fine for my mate Hawkeye but not so keen on this with puppy teeth. But anyway back to the topic….. Poppy is pretty cute (annoying at this stage but cute) so I think she has potential as a future girlfriend. Problem is my mate also thinks he is in with a chance. At any given moment he can be found at Poppy’s front door. Now please refer to earlier post ( about Hawkeye and his romantic ways. Poppy be warned…. he is a womaniser (well bitchiniser I think is the canine term) and can’t be trusted. I hope Poppy comes to realise that I am the more mature one (well apart from Hawkeye’s older brothers) and also way more convenient (we share a back fence ;o0  ). So hands off Hawks… I get 1st dibs on the pup.

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