Mud is so much fun

I really don’t understand what mum’s issue is with rainy days and more importantly mud.

Paws Up again to mum for taking me for a walk again this morning. Drizzling with rain so really just a bit of water. Didn’t see why mum had to over complicate things with putting a big water proof jacket on (her not me) and carrying an umbrella. But we went out so all good.

But the real fun was later in the day when we played fetch (both ball and orange car got a work out). With all the rain that we had yesterday and overnight the backyard is wonderful for getting mud between my paws… and all up my legs and on my tummy. To think mum would go and pay to get a mud treatment in a swanky beauty place…. she should just take her shoes off and come fetch the ball in the backyard.

So was very proud of the amount of good quality mud I got over my paws, legs and tummy.

Admiring the mud and working out the best path to maximising mud

Admiring the mud and working out the best path to maximise the amount of mud I could run through.

1306 Backyard Mudfest

My ears flapping in the wind as I bounced back up from the mud.

1306 Muddy Paws

Check out the muddy paws!!!!


1306 This Much Mud

The handy work of my muddy paws on the towel!

And then after mum cleaned me up I had to go out and do it all again….. Mud is so much fun!!!




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