Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 9 – Double Exposure – Puppy Dreams

It is a huge week of agility here in 1st World Dog land. Mum has spent the 1st half of the week at the One Mind Dogs agility seminar and we are off to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show this weekend competing in the agility trial there (we did a guest post over on Puppy Tales in the lead up to the Royal about “What is Agility?” if you want to check it out). So there is a lot of agility going on… I’m almost dreaming agility…. Well actually for the sake of this photo challenge I am….

Our challenge pic is actually made up of 5 pictures. The 2 main ones mum took this week. The 1st one is the one of me snoozing (just for something different) and the 2nd one is of the amazing venue that mum was at for the seminar (it was the venue used for the equestrian events during the 2000 Olympic Games). The smaller photos added are some that were sent to us this week from Pawfect Touch Massage who took them at a recent Cessnock trial (mum finds it hard enough to keep up with me on an agility course so it is a bit hard for her to run an agility course AND take photos).

So here are the originals…

20140410-203512.jpg   20140410-203525.jpg



We used Picsart (which initially did take a bit of fiddling) but have to say we are pretty happy with the end result….

So here is our Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge pic for this week….



Thanks again to Mrs P at We Live In A Flat for continuing our education of all the cool apps and FireBonnet for co-hosting.


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