Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 12 Mix It Up – My Big Day

Well we are at at the end of We Live In A Flat’s 12 week app photo challenge and we have learnt SO much.  You can check out what we have learnt over the last 11 weeks ion my Photo Challenge page or see more detailed descriptions of the apps on Mrs P and Donna’s page.

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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 10 – My Pretty Ribbon

We were pretty excited when we saw this week’s photo challenge come through from We Live In A Flat. We love the idea of colour splashes to make key elements of a photo stand out and create an interesting composition.

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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 9 – Double Exposure – Puppy Dreams

It is a huge week of agility here in 1st World Dog land. Mum has spent the 1st half of the week at the One Mind Dogs agility seminar and we are off to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show this weekend competing in the agility trial there (we did a guest post over on Puppy Tales in the lead up to the Royal about “What is Agility?” if you want to check it out). So there is a lot of agility going on… I’m almost dreaming agility…. Well actually for the sake of this photo challenge I am….

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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 4 – Iconic Beach Shot

Another fun week of the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge. Really enjoying learning lots of new photo tricks. For this week on cut outs we were very conscious of taking Mrs P at We Live In A Flat’s advice on not making it look tacky. So instead we have taken inspiration from an iconic Australian image…

So here is our original…. holiday pic this week. Sunset on the Australian East Coast.

140305 Original

Here is our inspiration…. the iconic camel sunrise rides in Broome on Australia’s West Coast

140305 Camel(Image Source:

And our cut-out photo challenge shot….

140305 Beach

We took Mrs P’s advice on Moldiv and also a bit of Photo Editor to try to blend in mum’s dodgy cut out attempt (she doesn’t have the steadiest hand) and also add the boarder.

Thanks again Mrs P at We Live In A Flat for all the effort she puts into teaching us about all these tools that are out there. Also Meghan at Firebonnet for co-hosting the challenge. We have lots of fun.


Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 1

Very excited to be participating in a new Photo Challenge from Mrs P and Donna over at We Live In A  Flat and co-hosted with FireBonnet. While we enjoyed the My Best Photo Of The Week challenge as it was our 1st ever blogging challenge, what we really loved about it was learning about new apps that can be used to make photos more interesting. So now every week we are going to be challenged with a new app or style, Snappy H’appy…. very exciting.

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Photo Challenge Week 14 – It’s Hard Work

UphillMum loves playing with SnappyCam and it was no different this week. Lots of ball throwing so mum could take photos of me running up the hill. I think some of it was for fun but I also think there was some science going on given mum’s obsession with me not playing limbo or knocking bars on agility courses. She has a theory that all this playing fetch up and down the rocks in our yard means I pull myself up with my front legs rather than launch myself up off my hind legs. So mum has been taking photos with SnappyCam to look at what I am doing… nice try mum.

Thanks Donna. I prefer the Photo Challenge as just an excuse for mum to take cool pictures of me rather than trying to get technical… but as long as she is having fun.