My Agility Story

Rather than write a Marketing Monday blog post today we have spent some time recently cleaning up what is already on the blog. In particular we wanted to make previous posts easier to find. So we created ‘My Agility Story’.

As the blurb on the page says, agility was never something mum intended to do when I came into her life. It was something we stumbled across through people we met. But HOW MUCH FUN IS IT? Both for me and for mum it is a great way to get out and exercise, think as we learn new stuff and strategize the courses and met heaps of lovely dogs and people.

One of the reasons for writing 1st World Dog was to capture the fun stories that make up our day to day lives. ‘My Agility Story’ is simply an easy way to find the agility ones and a nice one to look at what we have learnt and how we have progressed.

We are looking forward to building on this with more adventures.

If you haven’t checked out our past agility stories here is the link.


4 thoughts on “My Agility Story

    • It is lots of fun Jo. Jen over at Dog Adventures has been starting to check it out too. If you need a hand on who to contact than just ask and I can use the Agility Australia Facebook page to see who is near you. Warning… It is addictive.

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