Training Tip Tuesday – Some More Stretching

The other Training Tip Tuesday we shared a video that Tim Norris from Both Ends of the Leads put together on stretching the hips & thighs. We are big fans of Tim and the great work he does (I saw him a couple of days before the Cessnock trial to ensure I was in tip top condition). Well have to say we were just a bit excited when he put up his 2nd video on stretching shoulders and upper back.

Don’t forget to always be careful and don’t just launch into a full on stretch with us dogs. Quite often we don’t tell you straight away if something is hurting. It is very similar to what you humans should do. Don’t just go straight into deep stretches from a cold start. A gentle warm up like a jog (and yes you should come along too!) and then we can do the stretches. As Tim says in the video if we look uncomfortable please stop.

Mum & I hope to be doing agility, running and other fun things together for some time yet so it is important to proactively look after both of us. This is just one way to do that so hope you enjoy watching Tim’s videos as much as we do.

Take care and enjoy life

Bodhi Oooo

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