Eko’s New Cellmate

Love these photos!

Marking Our Territory

While I was away for jury duty a couple weeks ago Eko had to hang out all week alone in the apartment.

He could barely stand the excitement

I was paid handsomely for my civic service ($17 a day) but instead of buying a yacht and settling into early retirement with my windfall, it seemed only right to compensate Eko for serving his prison sentence while I was away.

And what does every prisoner need?  A ball and chain of course.


I couldn’t find a suitable chain, but Eko was happy to settle for this new Kong ball.  Tennis balls have a lifespan of about two minutes with Eko, so this ball should hopefully keep Eko entertained for much longer

I felt bad for leaving Eko in solitary confinement so I thought it was only right to find him a cellmate.

Eko warily eyeing his new cellmate, Dig


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