Photo Challenge – Week 23


How could we not post as the fav photo for the week the pic of my sis and I. Through the wonders of social media our mums happen to find each other on Instagram. Turns out we live in different areas of Sydney so the day before our 4th birthdays we got to have a puppy play date. Can you pick which one is me?

Thanks again to Donna at We Live In A Flat for our weekly photo challenge. It is a fun way to consider the photos we take during the week.

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Week 23

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  2. It is strange how when told they are brother and sister, I start seeing more masculine features in Bodhi and more feminine features in his sister. But I’ve not read read/heard of whether dogs have physical characteristics that are identifiably male or female… unlike cats. Cute picture and they seem to have so much fun together! Donna’s parents and sisters can’t stand her 😛 So we don’t even meet up with them really.

    • Mum said it was amazing watching us together. She can’t figure out whether we could tell we were siblings but we had so many similar mannerisms. And yep while she may have barked at me when we were chasing things in the water (bitch! hehe) it was just me being a good brother. She really was just a slightly more petite version of me. Never saw myself as being more masculine either until we were put together. Very very cool and can’t wait to catch up with her again.
      Pity Donna’s parents and sisters aren’t as friendly but sounds like you are making plenty of new friends.

      • I hope so too, we do meet some dogs walking around now and then but they are typically no so socialised or are being walked by domestic help, who are just doing a job. The only places where we can really get social is at dog cafes or dog runs but these are further so it’s harder to build relationships since we visit infrequently. But we will persevere! Haha!

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