Clean bill of health

Not my favourite way to spend my morning, no fav way to spend morning is running on the beach. But benefit of my vet being a good friend of mum is that she really does look after me.

Sweet talked into coming in the door with a treat from my lovely vet, I was given a check up of heart rate, muscle tone, paws condition and temperature (don’t go there on that last one). All in the name of this Endurance Test coming . A clean bill of health!

And mum is very happy… She has been trying to manage how much I eat. I know her intent is good as she wants to look after me but I do LOVE food. Good news is I have come in just (like 0.1kg) under our goal. Mum did a funny happy dance… Clearly way more excited about that than I am… Can I have a treat please?



10 thoughts on “Clean bill of health

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