The day after the night before

Mum had a girls night last night. Involved mum’s friends coming over for dinner and movie. All good… Some biccies (not too many as one of the friends is also my vet) and plenty of pats… But no respect for my bedtime!

Woke up a bit tired this morning and rather than our normal Saturday morning stroll around the street before we get ready for agility training I had to get in a car. And not even my own car… No we were returning a friend’s car… So a bonus was I get to sit shot-gun in the front, which I wouldn’t normally get to do. Please note I do have my puppy seat belt on.


On route we stopped at our local dog park to make up for the lack of a walk… And clearly showing I was tired from lack of sleep… Little interest in playing fetch with the ball…


Yes I know very strange… What a lack of sleep will do.

Had a relaxing time at training and now an afternoon of zzzzzz.

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