On alert for the Southerly

A thunder storm can come and go. Apart from any big claps of thunder where I might raise my head (or jump up if mum jumps) I pretty much snooze on through.

It seems the same can not be said for Southerly changes coming through.

We have had some hot days here in Sydney and at the end of some of these a cooling Southerly has come through. Appreciate the cooler temperatures but get very restless with the gusts of wind.

One came through during the week about 11.30pm. Mum had left internal doors open trying to let as much breeze through the house. The doors creaked and banged as the wind got up. I growled and barked…. Mum got up and closed the doors and called me into bed. (Ok… Good excuse for snuggles).

Last night the Southerly came through before bedtime. Before the wind even started I sat on the back deck on guard…