We broke the Metro Mid Week curse…

Another day and mum has me off at a trial. I mean seriously mum… this is exhausting.

But today was a little bit more sedate than the weekend. It was an Obedience and Rally O trial.

This is only my 2nd ever Obedience Trial (here is my 1st go at it). And well I did a little bit better than last time. The problem was the wet, damp grass. I’m a 1st World Dog! Like last time my heeling pattern, stand for exam and recall were all pretty good. Yeah I may not have stood or dropped perfectly straight (so dropped the odd point there) but oeverall I did pretty well. And yep I did my drops on that wet grass. It has been raining ALL week! Yesterday I refused to do drops on the grass at all…. Only on hard surfaces and only with treats….

photo 1

(ps…. I do drops¬†without even needing a hand signal at home when I am hanging around trying to scam toddler food).

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Woohoo… My 1st Rally Excellent Quallie

Super busy morning with 5 toddlers and 2 babies at our house for brunch. 3 of the toddlers started off scared of me but won them over and had them playing ball with me and not wanting to leave by the end of their visit.

Also a paws up to the toddler. With the 3 toddlers being a bit scared, plus a lot of food being consumed at toddler height, mum thought it would be a good idea to put me in my crate. Well my toddler wasn’t having a bar of that. Clever little kid headed my way as soon as mum wasn’t looking and undid the zipper to let me out. Hmmm mum put me back in and found a paperclip to stop toddler undoing the zip. Yep double paws up to the toddler… She remembered there is a top zipper on the roof of the crate. Undid that one and I jumped out the roof. Toddler Teamwork!

So after that busy morning I had to back up tonight for a Rally O trial. My 1st Rally O trial at Excellent level. Excellent uses a lot of the same stations as Advanced but adds into it some changes of position (things like sit/drop/sit and sit/stand/sit), another jump and some tough things. The 1st is 3 steps backwards in heel position. Although we have been practicing this as a Tuesday Training Tip I’m not great at it yet. In Rally Excellent we also have to do what is called ‘Honor’. It means once we have finished our go through the course than we go to the Honor position. It is usually a spot inside the course but to the side. Mum has me on a 2m lead and I am told to go into a sit or a drop position and have to stay there while the next dog completes the course. It is essentially a Stay.

So turns out I did ok. The backwards steps were messy (opps sorry mum), I did sniff the distraction in the offset figure of 8 and got a bit distracted by some dogs sitting on the side of the ring but I did it… I got 71 points (need 70 or more for a pass so just scrapped through). Then I actually laid still while a GSP friend Shimmer had her turn in the ring. Oh yeah mum was so excited!!! Even got my own sausage sandwich as a SUPER TREAT!


So a great day where toddler really showed her true team spirit topped off by my 1st Quallie in Rally Excellent.


One tired puppy now… Don’t even have the energy to harass dad for some of his pizza…zzzzzz

1st World Dog Blog Turns 1.

Time flies when you are having fun and it turns out it was 1 year ago today that I first put paws to keyboard with 1st World Dog. If you have never scrolled back that far then click here to check out my 1st ever blog where I Introduced Myself.


Things started off sporadically with the odd post here and there when something funny happened and mum & I had time to write it up… but I have to say we have got into a bit of a rhythm now.

Tuesday became Training Tip Tuesday with Training Tips 1st World Dog Style.

Donna from We Live In A Flat, who has been a wonderful help in the world of photography (note our early posts didn’t even have photos let alone funky ones with all sorts of stuff done too them) set us our My Best Photo Of The Week Challenge on a Wednesday.


And my favourite is that Friday became Foodie Friday… which I obviously have to taste test. A whole range of yummy treats are being discovered by mum and kept in 1st World Dog Recipe Book. And a big thanks to Roy & Molly’s Mum who kicked this off with the yummy pup cakes she made for the RSPCA Cupcake Fundraiser we did at training one day.


Definitely have to give a big Paws Up to the Friends of 1st World Dog who give us plenty of help and inspiration, especially with training tips. We are lucky to have some fantastic dogs and their owners who we get to train with regularly.

And thanks to all that training I write this post being Bohdi RA ET (yeah another story but mum spelt my name wrong with Dogs NSW… silly mum!) Across the last 12 months we started in the world of dog trialing and have gained our Rally Novice title (at the Sydney Royal), our Endurance Title (that was a lot of running) and most recently our Rally Advanced title. We have also started Agility trialing with some passes now in most Novice Classes but I have given mum plenty of grief with dropping bars and been nick named “One Bar Bodhi”. You can check out one of my agility runs here and there are plenty of other agility stories scattered within the blog.

IMG_9213IMG_9220130221 Bodhi at Royal20130811-121919.jpg

Importantly 1st World Dog has given me the chance to share the fun of growing up with Toddler. At times toddler can be trying.. the thing with frogs really gets me. But all in all she is a good kid and is learning how to look after 1st World Dog through getting the food out of the containers and more recently pats and ball throwing.

131021 Frog... need I say more

And lastly we have also had fun finding all the other Dog Blogs out there… although our fav post has to go to Ruby and her City2Surf “adventure”. Ruby we love reading the mischief you get into!

A paws up to everyone who has pop by and read 1st World Dog over the past year. We hope it has made your tail wag. If you haven’t already and you enjoy reading our stories than subscribe over on the side there so you get an email when we post new stories. Or do the “like” on Facebook or “follow” on Pinterest or Instagram.

And we thought we should round off by sharing some baby photos…. ahhhh…. wasn’t I a cutie (this was also the stage I was a very good gardener).

Little Pup in the backyard

Pup up the Farm

Bodhi RA


Long day down at the Wollondilly Rally O trial but we came home with 2 passes and hence our Rally Advanced title. Pretty excited given we only did our 1st Rally Novice trial in Jan this year… It’s been a great learning experience of what trialling is all about.

Lovely day down there with great courses set by the judges (good challenges with placement of a jump making mum very nervous before we started in the 1st trial and a tennis ball as the distraction in the 2nd… But hey mum I did it), lovely people and a hot and windy day (perfect conditions for dog trialling… Not).

Quote of the day from mum in the 2nd trial was ‘moments of brilliance’ said after I did 3 stations in a row perfectly amongst a few slightly distracted moments. Judge said it made her laugh as it was completely true.

Next challenge is to get those Novice Jumping and Agility titles…. Hmmm must jump over jumps.

Now time for some quality zzzz


We went, we waited… we came home for a swim

Another Rally trial today but until Sunday we haven’t come home with the goods…
67 points (need over 70 for a pass). Really hot. I was a bit distracted, mum messed up 2 stations and well… That’s it folks.

Came home and mum put some water in the clam shell pool for me…



And now time for a zzzz