Foodie Friday – Blueberry, Kibble and Yoghurt Ice-cream

A bit hot in Sydney at the moment so mum is looking after 1st World Dog with some cool treats. Even better these 1st World Dog treats are pack full of healthy stuff…. yep the healthy blueberries and yoghurt that is good for humans is also thought to be good for us dogs too.

What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge (with a treat for me while you are in there):
Like a lot of the recipes in the 1st World Dog recipe book the exact measurements are a bit loose as they are based on what mum has around the house so don’t think you need to be exact with….
A handful of fresh or frozen blueberries.
A handful of kibble (use the stuff you would normally use.. nothing special needed here).
About a cup of natural / unsweetened yoghurt.
What you do with the stuff:
Line a plastic container about the size of what the ingredients will be once mixed together with some cling / plastic film.
Put all the ingredients together in the container and mix it all up well.
Pop it in the freezer to freeze… dah… why else would you put it in the freezer.
Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (1)

When it is frozen and you are ready to treat your wonderful dog than simply take it out and pulling on the cling wrap to pull it out of the container. If it is a bit stuck than run the sides of the container under some warm water to loosen it until it can be popped out.

Wait expectantly…

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (2)

Serve… yummo!

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (3)

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