1st World Dog Holiday Review

Those of you following the blog may have read that the family and I went on holidays recently. Despite some initial concerns about being left at home, I had an awesome holiday! I have promised some of the folks that with train with that I would share the details of where we stayed. The place was also great so figure it was worth sharing with the 1st World Dog readers as other dogs deserve a holiday like this.


So where were we? Culburra Beach. It is about 2.5hrs south of Sydney (Australia for any of our international readers). A bit longer to get there if your humans insist on stopping at Berry, a cute little town full of nice stores and a toy shop called Goldfish Toys that the toddler LOVES.

Culburra Beach itself is a pretty small town. There is a major supermarket (Woolworths) and a line of shops with a couple of cafes, a bakery, takeaway shops and a post office. See this as a positive that mum didn’t leave me at home to go on long shopping trips (except for the morning she went back into Berry but dad stayed with me to watch the cricket). Nah the reason we went to Culburra Beach was for the beach and an awesome beach it was. Like a lot of beaches on the South Coast / Shoalhaven area it has a dog friendly / off leash policy which means I had plenty of time to enjoy the beach. It’s a really long beach so great for really long walks. The waves are fun for running in and out of. I met lots of other fun dogs, including a cool Kelpie who did herding trials and had some fun herding me, but it isn’t too crowded.


So where did we stay? The place was called Crescent View and we found it through Stayz. The layout was great for our family with heaps of space, even when Nana & Poppy came down for a couple of days. Importantly there was also heaps of room for me. I was allowed indoors, that was a mandatory for mum choosing a place, but like most places down there I wasn’t allowed on the furniture. To ensure I didn’t make myself comfy on the lounge of a night mum bought my crate down so we had a bit of crate training while we were there. There was heaps of room for my crate in the lounge room without it being in the way. From the families perspective the house was well decked out with everything they needed. They really just had to bring the stuff for me like my bowls and towels to dry me of after my swims in the surfs.

IMG_6599 IMG_6563 IMG_6551

There were just a couple of things worth being aware of. The first is space if the family goes out. While the yard is fully fenced (and I’m not much a a fence jumper but it isn’t a particularly high fence for someone who was) there is a lack of shade in the yard. For that reason the family only ever went out briefly for dinner down at the Bowling Club. When they did go out they left me in the house. The other thing to be aware of is ticks. These nasty little things exist along a lot of the Australian East Coast and unfortunately this area is renown for them. The nasty fella found on me not long after we came home may very well have hitched a ride from here.


Some other things that the family enjoyed that mum asked me to share was places to eat….

Orient Point Bakehouse is a short drive away. It isn’t the flashest place but the menu is pretty good. On a Friday night they do Fish & Chips. Really yummy. And I got to go along as there is seating outside (ps BYO alcohol).

Pelican Rocks Cafe at nearby Greenwell Point has the most amazing seafood platter. I didn’t go with the family that day as they were taking the toddler to the local swimming pool too but just for the cafe I could have come along and sat guard by the door or there are some tables outside.

Lastly is the take home option of oysters. There are a heap of oyster places at Greenwell Point but of particular note is Jim Wild’s.


We had a great time and would go back again. Hope this gives you a place if you are looking for a dog friendly holiday.



N.B. Nothing in this post was sponsered or paid for advertising. These are all just places we came across on our holiday, enjoyed and wanted to share. While we hope you have a great time if you do take on any of the recommendations we take no responsibility if your experiences differ from ours.