Dog Blog & Marketing Monday – When Marketing Comes To The Dog World

So mum really enjoys her dog sports, especially agility but she also enjoys her job too and hence Marketing Monday. For this reason she finds some recent stuff happening in the agility world a fascinating example of great marketing.

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Rockin’ the Double Lap

A VERY warm day here in Sydney town today. But mum and some of the doggy (that’s doggy not dodgy) friends had organised a little training session a couple of weeks back so with an early start to try and beat the heat we headed off.

We have been learning some new stuff through the One Mind Dogs style. Mum is still figuring it out but it is lots of fun when she does. It means she gives me plenty of notice what jump I am doing and then gets out of my way. One of the moves we were working on today was called the Double Lap. Mum called it “The Dance Move” as she had to do a funny kinda spin thing back towards me. But you know what she seemed to be getting it and that meant I could figure out where she wanted to me to be. Here is a little video of us.

It was warm so thankful that mum took up the little pool. We only did little bits at a time and then we would go over for me to have a little rest. Think mum liked it when I shook afterwards and she got wet.

140102 Bit warm at training (2)

Even think she liked when I curled up for a few zzzzz on my leg with my coat still wet. Not something she would normally be pleased about.

140102 Bit warm at training (1)
But I really liked when my friends Piper went and sat in the tunnel while all our mum’s were out talking about something. He is a smart kid that Piper.

140102 Piper sheltering from the heat (1)