What a weekend and only half way through!

It’s Saturday night and I’m one tired puppy dog.

It all started before lunchtime Friday. I know there is something going on when mum starts putting stuff into large bags. I hang around close by to ensure I don’t get forgotten. Car got packed and so did I (phew) but must discuss seating arrangements for future trips as toddler yelling out ‘wake up Bodhi’ for the majority of the trip does not make for a good nap in the car.


So it turns out all this packing stuff into the car was because we were going to Nana & Poppy’s house and after the afternoon there we were off to our 1st ever obedience trial.

Now we have been doing plenty of training for this. If mum didn’t mess up the hand signals and could tell her left from her right we were in with a chance and getting a qualie…. And well we went close….
– Heeling Pattern:
– mum struggled a couple of times with left and rights. Think she got them right in the end but slight delays in the turns and her brain was working it out.
– she couldn’t understand the judge when she said ‘halt’ and in asking ‘pardon’ I got a little distracted.
– ok I got distracted when we came around to do a right about and Nana and one of our instructors were standing on the edge of the ring taking photos.
– mum did the figure of 8 a bit slowly… Or something like that according to the judge.
– Stand for Examination:
– was just slightly off centre when I stood so we just lost the one point but otherwise I did an awesome job.
– Recall:
– one of my best! Full points!!!


Yeah we got through the first part! So then being 2nd in the ring we had to wait for another 10 dogs to go through and thankfully 5 of them made it through to the next stage… Our Group Stays.

So I lined up with the 5 other dogs. Went with mum and took my place in the line. Sat. Mum said stay and then walked with the other owners to the otherside of the ring where they then turned around and stood there. Now normally I just sit there. Might look around a bit but normally sit pretty happily (it is the down I tended to wiggle around) but last night.. Nope decided to have a scratch. Good scratch too. Oh did ignore when toddler called out from the side… Mum saw that as a big plus and very happy with that… But less happy when in a 1min stay I stood up at about 57seconds… Just as mum was coming back too me. Normally don’t do that. Normally sit until she tells me to move but was just so excited last night. But turns out that wasn’t a good idea… Had to leave the ring after that and didn’t get to do the 2min drop.
But mum was really really happy with what we did do, looking forward to the next one and got to spend the rest of ths night hanging out with my mates Mawson and Jaxon and trying to snaffle sausage rolls.


Saturday morning we went to meet up with some new friends with Tsuey from Game On Dogs helping me with some jumping stuff and showing us some other cool moves. We went down to Centennial Park, which is where Ruby normally hangs out, but unfortunately Ruby had an earlier walk today so maybe next time.

And then finally it was back to home turf for our dog training club’s Christmas Party. Lots of fun playing games with my friends. We even came 3rd place in some ball dribbling competition. But my favourite part was seeing my mate Darcy dressed up for the fancy dress parade.


So I am now…Zzzzzzz.
Night folks!