The best bit of training

Well besides the treats I get during training (love the jackpots when I get I the hard stuff right) it is great to come home and get a delicious puppy ice-block. Always a fav on a hot day.

131128 Puppy Iceblock (2)

And no mum I’m not sharing….

131128 Puppy Iceblock (1)

If you haven’t checked out how to make a puppy ice-block then get owner to have a look at it in my Recipe Book.

Learning some cool stuff in agility at the moment but have to say it is exhausting, think even mum is getting tired with all the thinking and running.  You see it is one thing for mum and I to go out for a long run or walk. Yep I am physically tired when I get home but I have a little nap and then I bounce back. At the moment we are also doing lots of work that makes me think with my 1st Obedience trial tomorrow night, stepping up a level into Rally Excellent with new exercises in those courses and then this One Mind Dogs agility stuff. Not only am I physically out doing stuff but my little brain is learning. Phew…. hardly have the energy to chase a ball. Mum is noticing it too as to how much calmer I am around the house too. There is a lot to be said about a good combination between physical and mental activities.

Here is a little piece we came across from Canada about Mental Stimulation for Dogs. The analogy of what it would be like as a human if you took away all the other stuff is pretty cool perspective on how important the mental stimulation is…. oh it turns out even my puppy iceblock is adding to that mental stimulation stuff.

Now after all that..zzzzzzz…..