Photo Challenge Week 5…. How Could You Say No To This Face?


I did include this photo during the week out when we were out at the Rally O trial. Despite wanting to put the one in of me and my 1st place ribbon I like this photo more. I was laying on mum’s legs in the boot of the car (station wagon so we had the back open) and we were watching the competition in the ring in front of us before our turn. Mum did a ‘selfie’ with the camera turning it so she could see the screen (I took a peek too). For MBPOTW we have changed it to grey shades which we don’t usually do (my coat looks better in colour) but think you would agree my ‘please pat or feed me’ face looks better like this.

Thanks again to Donna for prompting us to have fun with photos.
(Sorry Donna we are out at a trial at the moment but will add the image when I am back home).