There is something that makes us dogs and our owners special

Since the story of missing Masie went out into cyber world mum and I have been following via the Facebook page. Unfortunately with other commitments we weren’t able to get out on our feet/paws to help but got the word out as much as we could.

Well mum had tears today and gave me a big cuddle when she read me the story that Masie had been returned to her owner.

What an amazing story of how people, complete strangers, came together to help reunite a dog and her owner. And of an owner who was so dedicated to finding his beautiful Masie.

I hope Masie is enjoying lots of wonderful pats, tummy rubs, scratches, games of fetch and all those other things that her and her owner enjoy.

From the comfort of the bed beside mum it is a moment of appreciation of being a 1st World Dog. So happy to hear that Masie is home. Paws up everyone!