Foodie Friday – A to Z – A is for Apple

So we thought we would give Foodie Friday a theme for the next few weeks… Well 26 weeks if all goes to plan. Yep we are going to work our way through the alphabet with a Foodie Friday treat or food fact each week.

Let’s start with A… A logical place to start… Like the start of an agility course really which is why I get confused at the start of Strat Pairs when mum walks me out to the middle of a course… Anyway back to A.

A is for Apple. A super easy and handy treat. Readily available in our house as Toddler often starts an apple and just ears all around the outside and then hands it back to mum. Rather than waste it mum then cuts it up into little cubes (1-2cm in size) and they are perfect little treats for training. Besides tasting good they are also full of Vit C and K as well as Calcium.

There are a couple of watch outs though with the good ol’ Apple.
The first is timing. You know the deal… They can go brown and yucky pretty quickly. Better when fed immediately… A perfect excuse to practice some watching backwards around the house.

Apple seeds aren’t so good. Seeds contain cyanide which can cause an upset tummy and in large quantities can cause serious issues. No apple cores please.

Along with the core another watch out is whole apples being a choking hazard .

So the best bet is to chop up the apple into perfect treat size pieces and enjoy the fun.