Bought it home…

After a good run first up in Novice Agility but just missing out, a complete muppet run in Open Agility… We bought it home in our last run of the day.

It was the first time we have run in Gamblers. For those that don’t know anything about Gamblers (and we had only read the rules in the lead up to today and watched some others run before us), you are on a course made up of 2 components.

In the first part you have to jump, run over and go through as many obstacles as you can in an allocated time. There is no set course like in other events. It was awesome…. Although mum had a plan going in, if I decided to change the plan we just went with it.

Then a buzzer sounds and we go to the second part. This is what they call the gamble. A gamble because mum needs to stand on the other side of a line marked on the ground and I need to do a set of obstacles in order through to the end.

Well pretty excited. We did it and came 3rd for our height class. Racked up 48 points. Which was the same as 1st and 2nd and we were just a little bit slower on the gamble (I was stuffing around going into the tunnel in the gamble).

Woohoo. Loved Gamblers.


Bring on tomorrow… We get to play Snooker and Strategic Pairs.