Foodie Friday – Banana & Blueberry Freezie

Another Foodie Friday and another puppy culinary adventure. This week we were inspired by some smoothie recipes created by Pretty Fluffy but made them into our own based on what ingredients we had available and mum’s love of giving me things that take longer to consume… and a smoothie just doesn’t cut it from a delayed satisfaction perspective for her. So here you have it…. Banana & Blueberry Freezie.


What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

1 x banana

1/3 cup of frozen blueberries

2 cups of water

…. yep that is all you need! Simple isn’t it.

What you do with the stuff:

Pop everything into a nasty noisy blender* and turn it on.

(*Personally I’m not much of a fan of the blender as it is noisy and I don’t like loud noise – don’t like the vacuum cleaner either) but I am starting to see the benefit of what comes out of the noisy blender).

Banana & Blueberry Freezie (2)

Once it is all mushed down that simply pour it into some containers like we did for the Puppy Iceblocks. Except you just pour it all in at once (unless you want to get creative and put other treats in the middle).

Now pop them into the freezer and wait for them to freeze.

Banana & Blueberry Freezie (1)

Once they are ready just run the container under a bit of water to loosen the sides and pop out the Freezie to be enjoyed!

Banana & Blueberry Freezie - Waiting(I’m patiently waiting….)

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Foodie Friday – Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf

It’s another Friday and time for my official taste testing duties.

Apologies as this one might not be for everyone as it uses Kangaroo meat which i) might probably has limited availability and ii) some people have an issue eating (or in this case cooking) the Australian national anthem. Mum takes a different approach that not only is the meat quite healthy for meat but eating a native animal means that their paws and the way they consume their food has less impact on the environment than imported meat species… but her main reason for feeding it to me is that it is pretty good stuff…

Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf (3)

So let’s get on with the recipe….

What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

500g kangaroo mince

1 carrot shredded

1 cup of cooked rice

1 egg

What you do with the stuff:
As per most of mum’s recipes this all get mixed in together. She started with the carrot and rice and then added the mince. Finally the egg and made sure they were all mixed together.
Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf (2)
Heat the oven to about 160 celicius
Put the mince mixture onto a tray (line with baking paper to make it easier to clean) patting it out so it is flat (about 1.5cm thick)
Bake for about 20 mins (just keep checking on it)
Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf (4)
Take it out and wait for it to cool before cutting into pieces. (gheez it takes a long time to cool!)
Roo, Rice & Carrot Loaf (1)
It isn’t the prettiest thing we have made on Foodie Friday but gheez it tastes good!

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Slow Food Movement

The world post nasty tick seems to have changed. Apart from these 2 weeks of rest (so bored!) mum was also given the instruction of wet food and eaten slowly (not gulped) by the vet. Hence the Slow Food Movement that it going on at the moment.

The wet food I’m good with… Generally delicious. Especially mum’s homemade treats. It is the delivery I have an issue with.

My standard food bowl seems to be underutilized at the moment. Instead a trip to the pet shop meant an array of ‘toys’ to keep me busy as I try to get my food out. This includes the standard Kong, a red wobbly Kong with a little hole in the side and a pink (oh seriously mum was there no other colour) long thing with holes on both ends.

Mum is appreciating that I have slowed down from the traditional inhale of food, also keeps me out of the way a bit longer while toddler having her meals (although often leave Kong device to assistant toddler and then go back to Kong once toddler finished her meal) and abides by vet’s instructions…. I’m still undecided. This Slow Food Movement is frustratingly slow!



Foodie Friday – Chicken & Turmeric Slice

Inspired by an article mum found on Paws & Pedals about turmeric and with some left over barbeque chicken (a regular occurrence around here as a BBQ chook is an easy meal for the family that I LOVE the left overs) Foodie Friday has delivered me a Chicken & Turmeric Slice…. hmmmm

What you will need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

Some chicken. We used about 1 1/2 cups of left over barbeque chicken

A cup of flour. Plain or rice flour are fine.

A teaspoon of turmeric

An egg

A dash of olive oil


What you do with the stuff:

Put it all together and mix it up.

If you haven’t noticed from earlier recipes mum likes her food processor so she throws it all in that. While I don’t really like the noise of the thing it does do a good job of mixing it all up. Although breaking the chicken into small pieces and just doing a hand mix will work too.


Chicken & Tumeric Slice (1)

In the meantime preheat the oven to about 160oC (just keep your tail away).

Back on the bench get a a tray, line with baking paper (just makes it easier to clean up afterwards) and then poor the mixture into the tray and flatten out at about 1.5-2cm high.

Bake for 15-20  mins – just check to make sure it isn’t burning.

Once ready let it cool before cutting into pieces…. and use all your will power not to eat them all at once.

Chicken & Tumeric Slice (2)

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Foodie Friday – Puppy Mint Balls

My mate Roy & Molly are SO lucky! There mum came along to training yesterday with these yummy treats. I think mum was even tempted to have one. We gobbled them up! Mum didn’t stand a chance of getting one!

So we are lucky enough that she shared the recipe…

What you will need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

250g flour…I use rice
25g mint chopped….half bunch
15g parsley
3 T olive oil
250ml cold water, approx
1 T activated charcoal (opt)
What you do with the stuff:

Put flour herbs and charcoal in a bowl (mum kinda cheated and put them into the blender).

Puppy Mint Balls (4)
Mix in the oil and the water a little at a time, to make a smooth dough.

Puppy Mint Balls (1)

Roll into small balls…don’t make them big they will not cook through…….about 1cm round. Place on greased baking sheet or paper.

Puppy Mint Balls (3)

Bake 180c for 25-30 mins.

Store in a cool place (and probably out of reach of me!)
Puppy Mint Balls (2)

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Keeping me entertained

So after all this tick stuff over the last few days the instruction from the vet is… No running or jumping. Oh seriously!!!


Yes I like to nap but that usually comes after a morning run and a couple of times a week doing agility training or heading to the beach or park for a run. This resting thing only really occurs once I have expended all energy.


What happens when I am bored is that I start acting a bit like a puppy and get into mischief (sorry toddler about your little toy pot plant thing).

So mum is coming up with games we can play… one of these is the 3 cups.

131031 Games (2)

Really easy to play so we took a little video so you can see how it goes… here it is.

Also works well with me only supposed to be eating small pieces of food at a time.

Ok back to naps now… have to prep for the kids coming around for Halloween night. Have to see if I can improve on last years efforts.

Foodie Friday – Banana & Blueberry Bickies

You might notice there seems to be a theme with bananas being a regular feature in Foodie Friday. Yes I do like bananas and yes mum does appreciate they are good for me… but toddler also goes through devouring bananas to not eating any and hence we get a stockpile of overripe bananas that mum comes up with creative ways to consume them (mum also makes a pretty good banana bread for human consumption).

So today’s Foodie Friday treat takes an idea from my mate Roy’s mum (who makes awesome treats and also human cakes when we get to snaffle a bit) and adds the ever useful banana.

What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge

A couple of ripe bananas.

A cup of oats.

A cup of blueberries or other berries (JUST NO SULTANAS…. SULTANAS ARE BAD FOR DOGS). These can be fresh or frozen.

An egg.

What you do with the stuff:
Mix everything in together including making sure the banana is well mashed up.
Banana & Blueberry Bickies (4)
Have the oven on at around 160oC
Line a baking tray with some baking paper (that just makes it easier to clean up after).
Now mum decided to get funky today and put the bickies in little shapes. She really needs to get some bone (or other dog relevent) shape cookie cutters (so anyone in Australia or Sydney reading this who knows where to get some please let us know) but instead used a star (she said it was something about a trial tomorrow and I was going to be a star… I think it was just the best out of the Christmas themed options). But back to the cookie cutter shapes…. put the shape on the tray and then fill with the mixture and pat down. Remove the cookie cutter and continue until all the mixture is used up. They bake without the cookie cutter on them.
Banana & Blueberry Bickies (1)
Pop in the oven for 10-15 mins and then you are done.
In the meantime don’t forget to hand over the bowl for cleaning…
Banana & Blueberry Bickies (2)
Hope you enjoy… I did! Mum was lucky to get this photo.. she put the bowl down and I had it in seconds.
Banana & Blueberry Bickies (3)

1st World Dog Blog Turns 1.

Time flies when you are having fun and it turns out it was 1 year ago today that I first put paws to keyboard with 1st World Dog. If you have never scrolled back that far then click here to check out my 1st ever blog where I Introduced Myself.


Things started off sporadically with the odd post here and there when something funny happened and mum & I had time to write it up… but I have to say we have got into a bit of a rhythm now.

Tuesday became Training Tip Tuesday with Training Tips 1st World Dog Style.

Donna from We Live In A Flat, who has been a wonderful help in the world of photography (note our early posts didn’t even have photos let alone funky ones with all sorts of stuff done too them) set us our My Best Photo Of The Week Challenge on a Wednesday.


And my favourite is that Friday became Foodie Friday… which I obviously have to taste test. A whole range of yummy treats are being discovered by mum and kept in 1st World Dog Recipe Book. And a big thanks to Roy & Molly’s Mum who kicked this off with the yummy pup cakes she made for the RSPCA Cupcake Fundraiser we did at training one day.


Definitely have to give a big Paws Up to the Friends of 1st World Dog who give us plenty of help and inspiration, especially with training tips. We are lucky to have some fantastic dogs and their owners who we get to train with regularly.

And thanks to all that training I write this post being Bohdi RA ET (yeah another story but mum spelt my name wrong with Dogs NSW… silly mum!) Across the last 12 months we started in the world of dog trialing and have gained our Rally Novice title (at the Sydney Royal), our Endurance Title (that was a lot of running) and most recently our Rally Advanced title. We have also started Agility trialing with some passes now in most Novice Classes but I have given mum plenty of grief with dropping bars and been nick named “One Bar Bodhi”. You can check out one of my agility runs here and there are plenty of other agility stories scattered within the blog.

IMG_9213IMG_9220130221 Bodhi at Royal20130811-121919.jpg

Importantly 1st World Dog has given me the chance to share the fun of growing up with Toddler. At times toddler can be trying.. the thing with frogs really gets me. But all in all she is a good kid and is learning how to look after 1st World Dog through getting the food out of the containers and more recently pats and ball throwing.

131021 Frog... need I say more

And lastly we have also had fun finding all the other Dog Blogs out there… although our fav post has to go to Ruby and her City2Surf “adventure”. Ruby we love reading the mischief you get into!

A paws up to everyone who has pop by and read 1st World Dog over the past year. We hope it has made your tail wag. If you haven’t already and you enjoy reading our stories than subscribe over on the side there so you get an email when we post new stories. Or do the “like” on Facebook or “follow” on Pinterest or Instagram.

And we thought we should round off by sharing some baby photos…. ahhhh…. wasn’t I a cutie (this was also the stage I was a very good gardener).

Little Pup in the backyard

Pup up the Farm

It’s been a crazy weather week… stay safe everyone

As many Sydney bloggers have written about, including the lovely Ruby, this has been a horrendous weather week with horrible bush fires effecting many (including some in the dog training and agility community with a big paws up to everyone up at the Springwood Club where we were all looking forward to a fun agility trial on the weekend which had to be postponed… we look forward to seeing you all soon).

131021 Bushfires (2)

With hot temperatures, gusty  winds and smokey skies it has meant mum has been limiting the amount of running around I am doing (well trying too) and also keeping me inside (again… trying too)…. including the toddler lovely getting a place mat from table when mum bought my water inside (she is a good kid).

131021 Bushfires (1)

So stay safe my friends!

If you are looking for some cool treats check out 1st World Dog Recipes for lots of yummy ice-creams and ice-blocks to keep you hydrated.

And if you are looking for some ways to stay entertained in doors and not run around too much check out Training Tips 1st World Dog Style with most of these being good to do in doors including Touch, practicing Stays and Backward Heeling.

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Foodie Friday – Blueberry, Kibble and Yoghurt Ice-cream

A bit hot in Sydney at the moment so mum is looking after 1st World Dog with some cool treats. Even better these 1st World Dog treats are pack full of healthy stuff…. yep the healthy blueberries and yoghurt that is good for humans is also thought to be good for us dogs too.

What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge (with a treat for me while you are in there):
Like a lot of the recipes in the 1st World Dog recipe book the exact measurements are a bit loose as they are based on what mum has around the house so don’t think you need to be exact with….
A handful of fresh or frozen blueberries.
A handful of kibble (use the stuff you would normally use.. nothing special needed here).
About a cup of natural / unsweetened yoghurt.
What you do with the stuff:
Line a plastic container about the size of what the ingredients will be once mixed together with some cling / plastic film.
Put all the ingredients together in the container and mix it all up well.
Pop it in the freezer to freeze… dah… why else would you put it in the freezer.
Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (1)

When it is frozen and you are ready to treat your wonderful dog than simply take it out and pulling on the cling wrap to pull it out of the container. If it is a bit stuck than run the sides of the container under some warm water to loosen it until it can be popped out.

Wait expectantly…

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (2)

Serve… yummo!

Blueberry, Kibble & Yoghurt Icecream (3)

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