Trying to make mum feel better

Maybe the week that was has taken its toll on mum. She has been struck down with an ear ache that seems to really hurt.

Firstly I have gone out in appropriate sympathy. As soon as mum came home from human doctor I started doing the ear shack thing I do when I have a ear infection. Thankfully mum has my ear drops on hand and at inspection realised they were for the same thing she has… This made her laugh. And she thought I just went out in sympathy with Hawks.

Mum has tried to sleep a lot of the day. Dad keeps closing the bedroom door to keep the less sympathetic toddler from bouncing on bed. Thankfully every now and then I get in and take up position at the end of the bed.


Or maybe this is mum jumping on the sympathy bandwagon for me and another week of not running around.