Slow Food Movement

The world post nasty tick seems to have changed. Apart from these 2 weeks of rest (so bored!) mum was also given the instruction of wet food and eaten slowly (not gulped) by the vet. Hence the Slow Food Movement that it going on at the moment.

The wet food I’m good with… Generally delicious. Especially mum’s homemade treats. It is the delivery I have an issue with.

My standard food bowl seems to be underutilized at the moment. Instead a trip to the pet shop meant an array of ‘toys’ to keep me busy as I try to get my food out. This includes the standard Kong, a red wobbly Kong with a little hole in the side and a pink (oh seriously mum was there no other colour) long thing with holes on both ends.

Mum is appreciating that I have slowed down from the traditional inhale of food, also keeps me out of the way a bit longer while toddler having her meals (although often leave Kong device to assistant toddler and then go back to Kong once toddler finished her meal) and abides by vet’s instructions…. I’m still undecided. This Slow Food Movement is frustratingly slow!