Is there an agility version of a full house?

Well we were playing Snooker and Gamblers today at an Agility & Games Trial. Picking up a pass in Snooker it now means I have a qualie in each of the Novice classes… Like a Full House in Poker!
Just the one in each (Jumping, Agility, Strategic Pairs, Gamblers and now Snooker). To be honest I’m too tired tonight to care but here is my collection of paperwork.


So the wrap up from the rest of the day.

Novice Agility… A course that had some tricky parts for a novice course but good challenges. In my usual form I did all the hard parts but also in usual form… I dropped the 1st bar. Also missed the weave entry which I haven’t done in ages in training but I’d already dropped the bar so mum could only laugh at the curse of ‘One Bar Bodhi’.

Next up was Novice Jumping… Another course with some tricky bits (same judge) and sorry mum have to look to you with some bad handling decisions on this one. A rear cross mid-way down the 1st stretch that threw me off the next jump (she thought it was safer to cross behind before the broad where I was less likely to drop a bar… Nice try mum). A blind cross while I was in a tunnel that she didn’t sprint fast enough to get in position before I came out of the tunnel… And gheez did I try really hard to clean up mum’s mess on that jump (which she did recognize and really appreciate). So 3 bars down in total… 2 were mum’s fault and 1 was my One Bar Bodhi trademark.

Novice Snooker… Mum has got her head around the rules since the 1st time we did Snooker back at the Festival in September. She was also more conscious of setting a run for us that I couldn’t do an off-course and do 2 colours together in the opening sequence.
For those that have never heard or seen Snooker in dog world before it is kinda the same idea as some human game usually played in pubs except our version involves jumping , obstacles and tunnels. Do a red jump (worth 1 point), do a coloured obstacle (worth various points) and repeat this 3 times (getting a minimum of 10 points in this part). This is what is called the Opening Sequence. Once you have done that you do the Closing Sequence. This is the coloured obstacles numbered 2 to 7. You have to do all this within a certain timeframe and also try to get as many points as possible in the Opening Sequence.
So this we did successfully today getting our 1st Qualie in Novice Snooker and coming 6th within Novice 500 (being my height).

Lastly was Novice Gamblers… Loved Gamblers the 1st time we did it at the Festival earlier in the year. Actually picked up 3rd place back then. Excited to end the day on this fun game. Go out and get as many points as we can in the Opening Sequence (a set time) with different jumps and obstacles given different points and then when the buzzer goes head to the Closing Sequence. Had an awesome time in the Opening. Mum had a plan. We roughly stuck to it. Then we got to the gamble. Mum was hopeful… It was pretty straight forward… Then Cyclone Bodhi took out 2 of the 3 bars in the Gamble… Opps. Sorry about that mum.
Anyway if we had got a qualie in Gamblers mum we wouldn’t have this lovely collection of a full house with 1 qualie in each.

Great day… Very tired now…zzzzz


Ohhh other highlight was the kind soul who put out a paddling pool. It was warm out there and appreciated being able to cool the paws…


And check out the photo of my mate Roy… Watch out Cassanova… Cassa-Roy has the ladies giving him the kisses (although not sure about the lipstick mark… That is just showing off).