Why dogs are great at helping with New Years resolutions.

Humans are strange! Well they are strange for lots of reasons but the one that is top of mind at the moment is this New Years resolution business. They seem to pick this day called New Years Day (which doesn’t really seem all that different from any other day so they could have started this stuff weeks, if not months ago) and start trying to do something different.

For most humans this different stuff is usually trying to be healthier in some way. For mum it is getting out there running again. And that is where I come in!

I take no blame for the hiatus in running over recent weeks (hmmm months). However mum thinks my pulled muscle and couple of annoying ticks were reasons for mum not too run… Something to do with her not feeling like she could live the house for a run without me. So with us both being healthy at the moment we are off and running… Literally.

And here is 3 reasons (not that you ever need one) why dogs are great!
1. No need for an alarm clock. Get us dogs into a routine and we will be beside your bed nudging your elbow. Don’t move and we can jump onto the bed and stand on you and lick your face. Haven’t heard of any alarm clocks that offer that service.
2. We make you run. Walking we stop, sniff and pull on the lead. Running we are far more likely to run along beside keeping up with you. If you have the luxury of running somewhere off lead, we have a great trail near our house, than we like to run just in front. It is like we are your pace car.


3. We are always ready to go and never leave you waiting. Unlike trying to organise another human to run with (and never seen anyone run with a cat… Although mum claims she did see someone walking a snake (on lead) one day) us dogs never let you down. We love walks and runs so are never going to complain of a headache or a bone in our foot… We are always ready to go. You also don’t need to organise to meet us somewhere. Once there is movement towards what looks like a walk we are right there beside every move you make.

So this strange habit of New Years resolutions actually seem pretty good to me if it means we get out for a run. What about your humans… Have they made any of these strange resolutions?
So us dogs are not left out….Loving this list of resolutions from the guys over at 3 Lost Dogs