Please refer to Exhibit A

This is Exhibit A…


This is a Broad Jump.

Who would have thought that you are supposed to jump this thing…

Our club Rally O Trial was tonight. Beautiful night for trialling. Hot day had cooled down. The team had done a fantastic job in organising everything and our Judge, also an Agility and Endurance Trial judge so we know her pretty well, had set a challenging but good course.


Had been an interesting night. A lot of dogs had decided to ‘do their business’ in the ring. That isn’t a good thing as it creates distractions for other dogs, so unfortunately they get a DQ. My mate Mawson learnt about that night… Opps mate. But turns out that isn’t the only way to get DQ’ed. Yep not going over either of the jumps (there are 2 in Rally Excellent) gets you DQ’ed.

So mum was more worried about the bar jump. Yeah a possibility I would drop the bar but nope I flew over. We made a bit of mess of the offset figure of 8. Mum got a bit lost as to where she was going and I used it as an excuse to sniff the distractions. Lost a few points. Really need to work on the 3 steps back but that wasn’t the issue.

We may have lost 21 points at this stage, so not great, but turns out it isn’t great when I walk over the broad. Just for the record it is tough work walking over these raised pieces of wood. They are quite unstable. But for some reason mum then said, with a laugh, ‘you are supposed to be an agility dog’. Judge laughed too… Turns out I was supposed to jump over them. Think what I did was way harder!

Mum kept going and finished off quite nicely. Even did the Honor position perfectly with our wonderful Honor steward, one of my agility friend’s mum, looking on very professionally.

Well a learning for next time… Must jump over not walk over the Broad Jump.