Foodie Friday – A to Z of Dog Treats – B is for Blueberry

Last week we kicked off the A to Z of Dog Treats with A is for Apple. We are working through the alphabet of healthy and easy dog treats. This week is B is for Blueberry.

Humans often refer to blueberries as a “superfood”… well that all sounds well and good.  Hmm turns out these yummy little fellas are well known for their nutritional and antioxidant qualities and they are as good for dogs as they are for you humans.

So what to do with them?

I often get blueberries as part of my breakfast. Mum will put frozen blueberries, oats and a bit of low fat yoghurt in my bowl and mix it up.


A simple and healthy blueberry breakfast…

A fav during summer here are frozen treats. They taste great, keep me cool and keep me busy. Blueberries are pawsome frozen so there are a couple of frozen treats mum makes with the recipes over on my 1st World Dog Recipe Book. Blueberry, Kibble and Yoghurt Ice-cream is perfect for a summer breakfast after an early morning walk.


And Banana & Blueberry Freezies are great for those summer afternoons when mum is chilling out in the backyard with a glass of wine.


Well hope this inspires some B for Blueberries yummy and healthy dog treat goodness as we work through the 1st World Dog A to Z of Dog Treats.

If you have any great blueberry dog treat ideas or recipes we would love to hear them.


Enjoy the blueberries.