Staying Cool

It’s going to be a hot one here in Sydney today. Been out or an early morning walk, including a swim in the creek, and planning on spending the day staying as cool as I can.

Wanted to share some things we do to stay cool on hot days….

Firstly food…. Mum makes a couple of frozen treats for me which you might like to try….

Puppy Iceblocks and Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Icecreams are some favourites from my Recipe Book.

Puppy Iceblock (2)

I also love to get my paws wet so mum will pull out the toddler clam shell and put some water into for me to have a dip.


And later in the afternoon we might head to the beach (but not in the heat of the day….) and there are some great local beaches that you can read more about in Places To Go.

And don’t forget… cars and hot days are not good for puppy dogs. Don’t leave us in the car if you need to take us somewhere. The car gets really hot really quickly.

Keep those paws cool today guys!





Photo Challenge Week 6 – Busy Paws

Busy Paws

Another tough week when we wanted to put in the photo of me and my ribbons after getting my Rally Advanced title. I have such a great smile… but this one that mum and I chose we think is a better photo. It was down at the beach early in the morning and mum was playing around with something called SnappyCam that she read about on Donna’s blog… it seemed only natural that we should use it in the photo challenge. Unlike previous photo challenges it is one we have used in a post this week but love the concentration on my face but also the splashes of sand going up in the background which is why we have used it again for the photo challenge. Strange looks from the few other people on the beach at my digging and at mum as she sat in front of me taking the photos (reading to move quickly if I changed direction).

Thanks again to Donna for helping us learn new things in photography.



The day after….

How do you spend the morning after a big trial day…. waking mum up early and getting her to take you to the beach of course!

With toddler having a sleepover at grandparent’s place it meant we headed off to the beach this morning (sorry no sleep in here mum).

Great morning of chasing ball, swimming, playing with other dogs and most importantly a good spot of digging….

130929 Bayview Morning (3)

130929 Bayview Morning (2)

Love the beach! And then home for a yummy breakfast of a turkey neck (and a bit of Dad’s bacon and egg sandwich) and then a snooze on the deck in the sun. It’s tough being a 1st World Dog.

130929 Bayview Morning (1)