Go Team Bodhi… The Battle of the Bed continues….

Thank-You Team Bodhi supporters. Your support across the blog and social media inspired me not to give up in the Battle of the Bed.

So what happened I hear you ask….

Dad came in.
I stood my ground. I stayed curled up and made no eye contact.
Dad’s rebuttal was to pick me up and carry me to the lounge… A good effort given I am 25kg…. But I was not impressed. Mum would have taken a photo of dad carrying me out and the look on my face but she was laughing too hard.

But that wasn’t the end of it… No… You inspired me not to give in. And I didn’t!

I waited a few minutes until I could hear dad snoring and then crept back in. Didn’t bother to go near dad’s side… I’m not silly… Just hopped up on the bed and snuggled into the side of mum.

And there I slept.

Mum got to shuffle dad over so we each got a third of the bed each… Or half for me and a quarter each for them.

And then it is that much easier for me to perform my alarm clock duties in the morning.


Keep up the support as we move to Night #4.